LASIO KERATIN TREATMENTS set themselves apart by using a gentle cleanser to slowly open up the cuticle of the hair shaft so our treatments can deeply penetrate the hair, restoring and rejuvenating hair back to it’s health. LASIO KERATIN TREATMENTS also have the unique ability to be used together to create LASIO KERATIN COCKTAILS, a personalized service that caters to the needs of individual hair strands. Now every client, from creative colors to those transitioning to an all natural look, has a signature keratin cocktail to meet their specific needs.



Bring the luxury back to your keratin services by including a new menu of KERATIN COCKTAILS! LASIO PROFESSIONAL HAIR CARE provides the opportunity for hairstylists and salons to meet the needs of EVERY client by designing a signature keratin cocktail to meet their specific hair needs. From classic, to texture, and color therapy treatments, LASIO KERATIN COCKTAILS is the process of using either one or two treatments to repair damage, maintain volume, and correct uneven textures. . Click here to learn more about LASIO KERATIN COCKTAILS.