Safety First


The LASIO Safety First Program is designed to give stylists and consumers the information they need to feel secure about performing and receiving keratin services in a safe and regulation compliant environment.


At LASIO we provide certification for stylists who will be working with our products, which is a guarantee that the stylist has received all information and training necessary to provide keratin services properly while maintaining the safest environment for both him/herself, co-workers, and his/her clients. Certified stylists receive an official LASIO Stylist Certificate signed by Lasio's Chief Educator, who teaches and oversees all certification classes.


LASIO is in full compliance with both FDA and OSHA regulations concerning permissible limits of formaldehyde in keratin smoothing treatments. We provide salons and consumers with MSDS forms stating the ingredients in all of our products.


We also provide salons with resources to test air quality and information on air purification systems to ensure compliance with permissible levels of formaldehyde in the work space atmosphere.


When a salon has completed all of the necessary steps of our Safety First Program they will receive the Lasio Seal, which displays that the Salon is maintaining a safe and knowledgable environment.