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One Day Formula

One Day Keratin


All in a day’s work. The One Day Keratin Formula removes 100% frizz and 90% of the curl for a silky smooth finish for up to 4 months. Bring out the star-quality in your hair and flaunt Hollywood Glamour at its finest. Luxuriate! Iconic hair is yours.

Up to 90% Curl Reduction

Lasts up to 4 months

Infused with Amber Extract

Contains 0.02% Formaldehyde

Lasio One Day Formula is our universal formula. The One Day is an extremely lightweight formula that works well on all hair types. It's perfect for those seeking curl reduction, elimination of frizz, hair repair, and moisture. The One Day Formula is also infused with amber extract, a lightweight conditioner. Amber Extract contains antioxidants and conditioning properties that strengthens hair.


Frequently Asked Questions

LASIO Keratin Treatments are only available for purchase by licensed cosmetologists and salon owners, as it is a product that is for professional use only. Salon Pros can register and purchase at LASIO's Online PRO Shop, or via one of our licensed distributors.

If you would like to receive a LASIO Keratin Treatment, please visit the Find a Salon section of our website to request a list of LASIO-certified salons and professional stylists in your area.

You can also purchase LASIO after-care / haircare products from our HYPERSILK line by visiting our Online Shop right here on our website.
The best way to know which treatment is right for you is by having a consultation with a certified LASIO Keratin Specialist at a salon in your area.

During your consultation, your stylist will examine your hair and ask questions about your lifestyle, hair goals, and beyond in order to make an accurate recommendation.

To find a licensed stylist/salon in your area, please visit the Find a Salon area of our website.
With LASIO Keratin Treatments you have options. You can wash your hair the same day right in the salon, at home that evening, the next morning, or anytime within 24 hours of receiving your treatment.

With LASIO Keratin Treatments you can color your hair the same day as your treatment. Having a treatment performed after your color service will help to lock in your color and rehydrate hair.

We highly recommend it!

If color is not performed the same day, or BEFORE a keratin treatment, you must wait two weeks to get a color service. We recommend doing your color first, and then your LASIO Keratin Treatment. But if you forget -- or have roots that need to be covered -- then waiting two weeks after your treatment is perfectly fine.
It is extremely important to use sodium chloride free hair products after receiving a LASIO Keratin Treatment. Because LASIO Keratin Treatments are water-based -- not silicone based -- we require sodium chloride free products, not sulfate free. Salt and chlorine will strip the keratin from your hair. We highly recommend using LASIO's HYPERSILK products.
Yes, LASIO Tropic could be applied on previous chemically-treated hair.

To apply LASIO on a chemical service other than color in one week, a strand test should be performed.
You can email Morisha Gaul (our VP of Education) at and she can work with you directly to get that going.
1. You should use a ceramic flat iron. LASIO offers a 1" ProStraight Ionic Flat Iron for salon pros on our PRO site.

2. To apply the keratin treatment, you should do 7 passes at the roots, 7 at midshaft, and 7 at the ends.

If you have more questions, just let us know, we’re happy to to set up a 1-on-1 video chat session for additional help, education, product usage tips and more!
LASIO's Texturizing Keratin Mist is a styling product that gives an all-day hold to texture style (8-12 hours).
A LASIO Keratin Treatment will last 3-5 months. (This of course depends on your use of aftercare products to maintain your keratin treatment).
Yes, you can use any sulfate-free shampoo, but our LASIO HYPERSILK aftercare line is specially formulated for LASIO Keratin Treatments, in order to give you the best results and longevity.
If your workout involves swimming (or you plan to simply go swimming), apply LASIO's Revitalizing Keratin Masque *prior to* entering the water.

Otherwise, use LASIO's Revitalizing Keratin Masque once a week to replenish your keratin treatment.
Yes, you can request a list of LASIO-certified salons and stylists in your area by visiting the Find a Salon section of our website.
Yes, we offer free shipping on all orders over $75!

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