Don’t hate our LASIO Keratin Queen because she is beautiful inside and out. It would be different if she wasn’t willing to share her secrets but she’s ready and willing to spill the beauty beans. From her favorite DIY face mask that she learned about from a very special someone in her life, to her go-to sunscreen, LASIO Founder & CEO, Nadine Ramos, is ready to take the guessing game out of how she stays so glam.

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Better than Botox – A Quick & Simple Face Mask that Brightens & Tightens

Sure, you could go on YouTube and look up ‘natural skincare routines’, but who better to give you beauty advice than your own beautiful mom?
Moms have all kinds of secrets up their sleeves, even when it comes to taking care of your skin. My mom’s passed down beauty secret is her Egg White Mask. Eggs have many health benefits, even for your skin. Studies show that eggs can help give your skin that dewy glow. Eggs have collagen. An essential protein that helps to enhance skin’s complexion and elasticity. There are brands that sell their own version of an Egg White Mask but why bother taking a another trip to the store when you can just DIY it and make it at home.
This mask is as easy as breaking an egg. Separate the egg whites from two to three eggs. You can apply it straight up or add a little honey, or lemon juice to the mix. Whisk up the ingredients until it forms a smooth consistency and then apply a thin layer to the skin. Leave the mask on for three to five minutes. Remove it to reveal beautiful glowing skin. It makes me feel like I just got Botox! Actually, it’s better than Botox.

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So Long UV Rays

I am a firm believer of keeping a consistent skincare routine. It should be a part of everyone’s selfcare regimen. Even if a daily skincare regime is not on your schedule, it’s still important to keep a few skincare staples on hand. One of my foundations for healthy skin is sunscreen. Your daily moisturizer should contain sunscreen even if you don’t live in a city that’s sunny and warm almost 365 days of the year . (It never rains in Southern California.) With summer right around the corner, making sure my skin is protected from harmful UV rays is a top priority.
My go-to sunscreen continues to be Neutrogena’s Hydro Boost Gel. Neutrogena is known to work well on sensitive skin and I like that it comes in a high SPF option. I use sunscreen as my pre-makeup moisturizer even on those partly cloudy days, because it always leaves my skin feeling hydrated.
Most important, sunscreen protect your skin from harmful UV rays and sun-related skin diseases. Healthy skin is also the key to flawless looking makeup. The healthier your skin looks, the younger you look.

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My LASIO Loves

I created the brand so it’s only natural that I would be bias to my baby but truthfully, I love LASIO products because they keep my hair looking beautiful, no matter what I put it through. When I get a fresh keratin treatment, my go-to keratin cocktail is LASIO’s  Mocha Silk keratin treatment. The Mocha Silk formula is designed with moisture in mind.
It works perfectly on my dry hair which I like to highlight a medium blonde color. The cacao oil used in LASIO’s Mocha Silk formula works to penetrate resistant hair and helps to retain its moisture long after the treatment process. Oh, and the smell, so good too.
The Mocha Silk treatment reduces 100% of frizz. It keeps hair smooth and protected for up to four  months. Our LASIO keratin experts recommend the Mocha Silk formula for clients with curlier or coarse hair who are looking to achieve a straighter look or for clients who want their hair to naturally shine and retain moisture between treatments.

And now for the after-party. LASIO’s aftercare product line was designed to work with, and extend the time between keratin treatments, including my own. My busy lifestyle makes it difficult to maintain my keratin-treated hair but LASIO’s aftercare product line helps me extend my straight style a couple of weeks longer.
My favorite product is our Dry Shampoo which is also the latest edition to our aftercare product line. The Dry Shampoo product is great for hair that gets oily quickly. It soaks up excess oil without leaving any residue or powder.
The Dry Shampoo works for all hair types and can be used at any point prior to a keratin treatment. This product is perfect for people who live fast-paced lifestyles (like mine) especially fitness junkies. It works great in between washes and to prolong keratin treatment results.