This month we made three beauty lists! Check out our Hypersilk stars for January and what some of our fave beauty gurus had to say!


Our friends at Totalbeauty used our Hypersilk Advanced Serum to get their hair back on track.

Lasio Hypersilk Advanced Serum, $26.19This strength-enhancing keratin treatment is light as air — in other words, it won’t leave your hair feeling weighed down with unwanted buildup.


@alywalansky at Your Tango, showed us lots of love, highlighting our Advanced Serum and Revitalizing Hair Masque!

Our Hypersilk Advanced Serum was featured on the How to Make Your Hair Shiny: 20 Best Products of All Time list for its ability to provide a super sexy stunning shine!

For super-sexy, stunning shine, Lasio HyperSilk Advanced Serum is all you need. This keratin-infused, light-weight gloss adds intense shine, as it strengthens and tames flyaways. Just apply a small amount to wet hair before styling. Then, apply a small amount to hands an lightly run across dry hair to tame fly-aways between blow-outs.

We round of this month’s press coverage with a very special one! Did you know that the Hypersilk Revitalizing Masque is perfect for curly hair?

This month we also made Your Tango’s 12 Best Deep Conditioning Masks for Curly Hair. 

Lasio Hypersilk Revitalizing Masque has multi-tasking down to an art form. This multi-purpose, reparative, keratin-infused conditioner works as a leave-in treatment, deep conditioner and masque all in one to add moisture and shine back into your curls, leaving them stronger, bouncier and more resilient.

This month, receive exclusive savings on our Moisture Madness package that includes the Revitalizing Masque and Smoothing Balm. It’s time to get your moisture on!