There’s nothing like a new adventure, the kind that makes your heart pump and gives your butterflies in your tummy. Makes you feel like a new person.

New adventures can come in so many ways. It can be starting a new gym routine, trying a new class, traveling to a place you’ve never been before, trying something you’ve never done before, starting a new career, starting a family, or even going on that blind date.

This season, we’re celebrating adventures of all kinds. In this edition of starting a new adventure, we’re focusing on starting that new gym routine.

So try a new class, work with that personal trainer, sign up for the boot camp, or turn on Youtube and do a free exercise session right in your home. Whichever you decide here’s a protective style to keep your hair sleek and smooth while working out and transforming your look after for a super cute post-workout look.

Products used: Hypersilk Travel Kit and Keratin Protector.