Just when you thought you knew everything about our Keratin Queen we decided to take a deeper dive and find out the really good stuff. Her It List. The things she can’t live without. From her secret talent to her favorite actor and Hollywood crush, we get up close and personal with LASIO Founder & CEO, Nadine Ramos.



Valentino Shoes, Chanel Classic Clutch, Louis Vuitton Odeon Bag


Favorite Shoes: Valentino Rockstud Slingbacks

Comfort is a top priority for someone like me.  Don’t let this 4-inch heel fool you. While sitting pretty in these heels at dinner or the theater is my preference,  these Valentinos  are comfortable enough to walk around in too.  The Rockstud Slingback is versatile. They look great with jeans or a little black dress.  These shoes are available in black, nude, and a deep sexy red that bares a strong resemblance to the LASIO brand color. The gold studs add just the right amount of sass for any fashionista.

Favorite Go-To Day Bag:  Louis Vuitton Odeon Messenger Bag

It’s the perfect purse. It’s stylish, comfortable, and big enough to hold whatever is going to end up in there.   I love that I can fit all of my work and beauty necessities in there. The smaller inside pockets are perfect for my phone, pens, lip gloss, and mascara. There’s enough space to fit a small notepad or a tablet. The Odeon is also versatile and can be adapted to any look, dressy or casual.

Favorite Go-To Night Bag: The Classic Chanel Clutch

It’s sexy, simple, and classy. From the simple logo to the chain details, this clutch is the perfect combination of classic style, superb craftsmanship and subtle glam. It’s my go to bag from drinks with the girls to date night with my husband.

Hidden talent, cooking, chef, love, cooking

Hidden Talent: Cooking

Not to toot my own horn, but I’m a great cook. Cooking is my favorite way to relax (I find it extremely therapeutic.) and since the kitchen is my favorite room in the house, you can always find me in there creating new dishes.  I like to test my culinary skills by trying out new recipes. I don’t prefer one cuisine more than another.  Whether it’s a traditional dish passed down through my family, or a new recipe I discovered online, I enjoy combining different flavors. There’s a reason why memories are made in the kitchen.  My family loves my cooking hobby just as much as I love feeding them. Hearing the “mmmmmm” from my hubby’s mouth is my favorite part of preparing a meal.

music, movies, academy award-winning, Alicia Keyes, Jason Stratham, Forest Gump

Musician I can Listen to on Repeat: Alicia Keys

When I’m working, I need something that has a good vibe and is calming at the same time. The Alicia Keys’ spotify playlist is a must-have when I need to focus. Her voice is easy on the ears and her style is calm but rhythmic. I love her piano solos and instrumentals.

Favorite Actor: Jason Stratham

Let’s put his amazing good looks aside. This guy is talented with a capital T. Stratham is not only a great actor. He performs his own stunts, directs and produces films as well. From the Transporter trilogy to the Fast and the Furious, whether he’s playing an action hero or rescuing a damsel in distress, Stratham’s acting skills don’t go unnoticed.
His films have grossed over $1.5 billion throughout his career, and he’s been nominated for several awards. So, there are a few reasons why I like the guy.

Favorite Film: Forrest Gump

Who doesn’t love an American classic? And what’s more American than Forrest Gump? This feel-good comedy is my favorite movie of all time. I’ve seen it 125 times!

Tom Hanks is an amazing actor. He portrayed Forrest in a way that makes the audience relate to his triumphs and struggles. Forrest is a character that no one who watches the film will forget. He will pull at your heart strings and leave you feeling inspired and filled with joy.

Every scene in this movie evokes a different emotion in the viewer. There are parts that will have you both laughing and crying. I love this movie for its message of being true to yourself, taking the road less-traveled, and following your own path in life.

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