Lasio is passionate about keratin products, and we love what we do. We believe that salons need products they can rely on and a brand that people recognize to be successful. Not only is their reputation on the line, but so is ours. Lasio has experience operating Lasio Concept Salons, giving us the advantage of knowing what it is like to be both a supplier and a salon. We can relate to the salon owner and their need for quality products that are both easy to apply and can increase their profits.

How do we live up to that promise of helping salon owners be a successful “Dream Catcher”?

  • Education. We hold Lasio Way Certification classes and make product knowledge accessible for all salons carrying Lasio Professionals Hair Care Products.
  • Tips. We provide tips on how to increase their bottom line while still carrying the safest keratin on the market
  • Streamline Ordering. Lasio has streamlined the ordering process online, making it a better, more efficient process.
  • Marketing Materials. We provide all of the materials you need to market this service at your salon as well as support with sales, specials, and promotion
  • Excellent Customer Service. We want you to be successful! Plain and simple.