It is important to note that Lasio Keratin Treatments are RESTORATIVE Treatments that can eliminate 100% of frizz. Lasio Keratin is NOT a chemical relaxer or Japanese straightener. Our keratin treatments are heat-activated which can also reduce up to 90% of curl, depending on hair type and treatment used.

This is accomplished by infusing the hair with the highest quality and most potent keratin protein that can be used in a hair care product. This form of keratin is an exact match to the keratin that is found naturally in your hair, making it very safe for use. When you chemically process your hair, the keratin gets lost and that is how you end up with dull, damaged and dry hair.

Lasio Keratin is also safe to use the SAME DAY as a color. If you wish to have color or another chemical service, you may do so first, and then have your Lasio Keratin Treatment. If color is an after thought, we recommend waiting two weeks after your Lasio Keratin Treatment is applied.