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Protect Your Volume and Eliminate Frizz

For ladies with fine textured hair using heavy conditioners or even getting keratin treatments can weigh hair down creating a flat deflated look. Let’s turn up the volume!

Keratin Treatment Recommendations

Go for a lightweight keratin formula. Keratin Tropic is perfect for those with fine textured hair. It will eliminate frizz while still maintaining volume. If your hair is on the curly side and you’re not one to embrace the curls, ask your stylist about One Day. One Day will reduce a great amount of the curl and eliminate 100% of your frizz. Be sure to have a thorough consultation with your Lasio Keratin Specialist for a more accurate recommendation based on your hair and your lifestyle.

Caring For Your Hair at Home

For fine textures use lightweight shampoos and conditioners. Hair tends to be oily which may cause you to wash your hair daily. If you have a keratin, you won’t want to do this. Try using a dry shampoo in between washes and wash hair at most 3 times per week. A trick is to apply dry shampoo at night rather than in the morning to give it more time to absorb excess oils. Use a volumizing shampoo for styling. Be sure to trim every 8 weeks to keep a smooth and healthy look.

Never, never, never give up on your hair.

Product Recommendations

Here are some HYPERSILK products we recommend to help you maintain volume and protect your hair.