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Product Hypersilk

about lasio

INNOVATION. Pioneers in the keratin industry, and the first to market with a  Brazilian Keratin Treatment, under the direction of Founder and CEO Nadine Ramos,  LASIO PROFESSIONAL HAIR CARE remains the original innovators of the safest and most effective keratin treatments on the market. From our inception in 2000 to present, we continue to develop innovative products for professional and daily care use.

LUXURY. LASIO PROFESSIONAL HAIR CARE provides women (and men) the opportunity to embrace the luxury of healthy, silky smooth, and luxurious hair. Our products work as a system and our daily care Keratin Infused  HYPERSILK products is the perfect system for bringing luxury home. Have “Hollywood Hair” everyday and luxuriate in the feeling of beautiful, enriched, and healthy hair.

BEAUTY. The foundation of great hair is healthy hair! Our team works diligently to create products that protect the integrity and health of hair first. Our moisture-replenishing shampoos, conditioners and styling products focus on hair replenishment and restoration that achieves and maintains beautiful hair from root to end.