Salt Free! Lasio Dry Shampoo

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Size: 3.25 oz    


Which hair type is it good for?





Tightly Coiled


Key benefits:

– Absorbs excess oils

– Prevents keratin and color fading

– Salt-free with no powdery residue


If you want to know more:

Lasio Dry Shampoo is a great refresher in between washes. Safely remove dirt and oil while leaving hair with all the shine, silkiness and smoothness of a fresh washed head of hair. Some dry shampoos leave a visible powder in your scalp, while Lasio dry shampoo leaves no noticeable residue. This salt-free formula is safe to use on keratin and color-treated hair. 


What else you need to know:

The Lasio Dry Shampoo can also be used as a texture spray to give lifeless hair body and texture.



Finally, a dry shampoo with no powdery residue that’s also safe to use on keratin treated hair. The Lasio Dry Shampoo absorbs excess oil, prolongs keratin treatment, and leaves hair silky smooth.