Naturally Textured



Which hair type is it good for?




Tightly Coiled


Key benefits:

– Ultimate hydration

– Protection against tangles and the elements

– Frizz control for textured styles


If you want to know more

The gentle, highly concentrated formula of the Hypersilk Replenishing Shampoo and Conditioner features antioxidant-rich coconut oil and reparative keratin to help improve the integrity of hair damaged by color, chemical processing, or heat styling.  This non-greasy, milky blend of the Hypersilk Smoothing Balm supports hair’s softness, manageability, and moisture levels. The Hypersilk Texturizing Keratin Mist dries instantly for a soft interlaced texture to make hair look airy, weightless, and effortlessly full. 


What else you need to know:

Start with the Hypersilk Replenishing Shampoo and Conditioner to moisturize and replenish hair strands. Towel dry and apply the Hypersilk Smoothing Balm for hydration, protection, softness, and frizz control. It’s the perfect base for any natural style. Complete your look with the Hypersilk Texturizing Keratin Mist for a soft hold, maximum shine, and fierce tresses.