Everything is set, except for one thing. Your hair. What do you do? What do you do? Oh, my goodness, what do you do? Check out our list of stunning hairstyles for spring dates, if you ask us.


1. Braided Bun


Yes, we’re here to give you the lowdown on how ostensibly lovely this hairstyle is, as well as to break some exciting news. Although the braided bun is best suited to hair that is waist-length or longer, you can easily get around it with hair extensions.


2. Star-crossed Lovers


When two braids cross paths with one ribbon, three is not a crowd. Do you wish to win your date’s heart? This romantic hairstyle will make that dream come true faster than you imagine.


3. Jasmine Ponytail


Ditch the regular straight pony and rock your hair like Jasmine did in “Aladdin.” You never know- your date might turn out to be an Arabian prince in disguise. Do you trust us?


4. Backswept Beauty


It’s not that you don’t love you enough, but you’d rather save the hassle of prepping your hair for another date. We’re sure you’ll find a giant hair clip somewhere, so sweep your gorgeous tresses behind your back and keep them in check with it. You’ll come across as effortlessly beautiful and put both of you at ease.


5. High Ponytail Plus Sleek Braids


Secure the front braids with gel and seal the magic in a high sleek ponytail. You can never go wrong with adding some diamond studs or hair clips or both! This style holds your hair firmly in place, so whether you’re heading for the Ferris Wheel or the apple orchard, you’re pretty cool with the wind blowing however it pleases because, hey! Your hair is safe. If you recently had a keratin treatment but want to surprise him with a different look, this hairstyle is calling your name.


6. Twin Braid Updo


Never be afraid to let loose your playful spirit! When your date sees the wispy curls left out in front, he’ll fall in love all over again with this extra cute side of you. Planned something casual for your spring date? Check here.


7. Box Braids


You might need hair extensions for extra length and fullness to achieve this yummy hairstyle. Hair extensions are pre-made in different colors, from rose gold to napalm blue and signature black. Are we the only ones excited about the possibility of wearing colored hair without spending more cash on color treatments?


8. Natural Curly Updo


Your date might not have told you this, but he adores those vibrant natural curls. Grab some conditioner, hair mask, keratin oil and tame your hair into this juicy updo within five minutes. You’ll end up with two things; a clean subtle glow and hot makeout sessions because your face is free for kisses.


9. Middle Parted Low Bun


Our secret to a successful spring date is a modest low bun. When the elegant part comes in the middle, you’ll easily be the most beautiful woman in any room. We recommend a low bun if you’d rather go easy on yourself and your budget.


10. Messy Ponytail


Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken. And if being yourself means sporting a messy ponytail like this one, go for it! Interested in connecting with your spring date on a deeper level? Show them just how vulnerable and soft you are.


11. Full Fish Bone


If your partner loves playing with your hair, give them a whole game. Leave your hair freshly combed and loose at the start of your spring date, then lure them into weaving a fishbone later. You’ll both have a good laugh over how creative they can get. DIY the hairstyle in case you’re not too sure, but be rest assured that you won’t miss out.


12. Half Fishbone


We have no words, honestly! How can something so simple look this chic? While you’re thinking of an answer, bear in mind that a half fishbone allows the rest of your hair to cascade down your back.


13. Braided Bun Plus Flowers


It’s spring! Flowers are here to stay everywhere they’re welcomed, including your hair. Why manage a bare braid bun when you can level up with flowers? Roses, hibiscuses, sunflowers, take your pick. Sprinkle those little ones all over your bun or tuck a flower or two at the side.


14. Barbie Doll


This hairstyle might have catapulted itself from the scenes of Barbie cartoons to celebrities’ heads on the red carpet. And seriously, if it’s good for Madison Beer, it’s good enough for us.


15. Havana


Give other couples a real reason why they should envy you guys.. Take the whole package; the tender rose, the delicately braided band, the creative twists on a ride to Havana.


16. Best Friends To Lovers


Here’s your chance to show your boo that you’re ready to move things from these two tiny braids, like casual friends, into one adorable couple like the bigger braid in between. Tip the big braid with a flower for good luck.


17. Get Wet


Maybe you’re hoping for your spring date to end up in a hot tub. Set out on the right track by giving your love a hint of your expectations with your hair dripping wet.


18. Chignon


Deliberately ruffle your hair strands, sneak a fancy clip into the bun and spare your date the trouble of feeling guilty for messing up your hair when things get hot and heavy. Not that either of you would notice anyway, but better safe than sorry.


19. Arch Plus Jewelry


When in doubt, play it safe with cornrows beautifully arched towards a high ponytail secured with a gold chain and clips.


20. Curtain Pixie Cut


This is the part where you wish your hair were shorter. Behind the curtains, smile cheekily and invite them to unveil the mystery.


21. Bushy Horsetail


Whether you’re going horseback riding or not, you have full license to stun everybody with this rare hairstyle. Remember to loosen your hair as soon as your date is over for the safety of your scalp.


22. Low Bun Plus Flowers


Steal our cheat sheet for an easy but breathtaking hairstyle. Let him wonder how you look so cute in just a low bun complimented with bright fresh flowers. Don’t worry, your secret is safe with us.


23. Mermaid Fishtail


Think about this: the multiple braids preserve your hair’s moisture while you look like the goddess you are, worshiped by your date with kisses and all the things that come after.


24. Sunflower Band


Bonus points if your hair is a lighter shade, such as dirty blond or honey blond. And if not? Forget we ever said that, rock the lovely headband style and curl the rest of the story.


25. Pearly Twist


Would you rather skip the spring-ey look for something more original? Pass a string of pearls through those locks tamed into a neat twist. You might have to deal with a numb butt from sitting in the chair for too long but the numerous admiring stares as you flaunt your hair will make it up to you.


26. The Viking


Assert your confidence as an independent woman, backed up by a viking on your trail. Nobody messes with you and goes scot-free, not when your hair is dyed a fiery strawberry blond shade, sporting badass cornrows.


27. Nostalgia


We have a feeling that our calm braid winding up to a soft top knot has big plans for your dating future. Our feelings do not lie.


28. Room For Two


Considering the fact that you’re already making room in your heart for your sweetheart, you might as well let the whole world know. Feel free to rub it in our faces, using these two loose-end braids over backswept hair. We won’t mind.


29. Down The Stream

30. Bandana Vibes


When your problem is a messy bun gone wrong, solve it with a bandana wrapped around your head this way. Part your hair in the middle, then tuck out some hair strands on either side for the retro effect.


31. Girl Next Door


There’s no harm in being blunt. If you’re busy and still managed to squeeze a spring date into your tight schedule, make it clear. If you’d rather be the girl he’s always known, make it clear. Whatever you do, don’t put pressure on yourself when you can rock this done-to-death hairstyle and still be the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen.


32. Bedhead


This. Do this.You can tame your messy hair every other darn morning but not this one. Touch up the wild locks, weave in some playful flowers on the crown of your head and meet your man in style.


33. The Great Gatsby


We present to you, all the way from 1950, … The Great Gatsby?

Well, considering the upturned curl to the sharp side bob, we have no reason not to.


34. Vintage


Mark our words, this hairstyle will be patented someday. While it’s free, serve men the hottest, out-of-a-fashion-magazine look front, back and center all date long. After all, there’s nothing cooler than vintage.


35. Mac And Cheese


You see these pretty curls right here? They’re the macaroni. And that smooth pulled section is the cheese, in case you’re wondering. If you aren’t shipping Mac and cheese with your curls yet, we don’t know what to say.