We sat down with our Senior Educator, Tashena Vega, to discuss tips on how hair enthusiasts (and Lasio lovers 💁) can achieve blinding glossy shine while enjoying their healing girl summer.


Lockdown Your Locks

To protect your hair from absorbing chlorine and salt water, our Senior Educator recommends the following. “Wet your hair and apply the Revitalizing Hair Masque to act as a barrier from the harsh UV rays and chlorine.” This is because the heat helps open the cuticles of the hair strands, allowing the product to penetrate deeper into the strands. Making the healing properties reach the inner depths of the follicle that it normally wouldn’t in regular temperatures. 


Mask Rescue

“For full nourishment to hair that has been working back to back shifts this summer, add the Deep Cacao Mask to hair and cover overnight for an intense treatment.” The Deep Cacao Mask is used to rebuild bonds for healthier, stronger, and incredibly soft hair. Use this mask if your hair type is especially dry, brittle, or frizzy from heat damage.


Scalp Care

Pay some attention to your scalp. Healthy scalps create a landscape where healthy hair can grow and thrive. Since this summer will be a hot one, remove dead skin cells, product buildup, and excess oils. One way to boost scalp help is “shampooing and conditioning with our hyper silk line to cleanse the hair, removing buildup while immersing keratin in the hair.” Our experts recommend shampooing twice to reap the full benefits of your sessions.


For results that will leave everyone saying how long and healthy your hair got over the summer, shop our list of products here.