Hair shedding is a completely normal experience. Every day, your body sheds 50 to 100 hairs, which are replaced by new hair tissues. But the first time you notice your shower drain clogged with your hair, or your hairbrush pulling more of your hair tufts than usual, you panic. You are not alone. Celebrities have experienced it. Regular folks are experiencing it, probably reading this very blog somewhere on the world map.

Hair shedding becomes a problem when it is excessive, meaning the rate at which your scalp is shedding hair is faster than the rate at which your body is replacing them. The gap between hair shedding and hair replacement is manifested in bald patches on your scalp, or thinner bulk of hair. Although it is generally recommended to consult a dermatologist to properly treat hair shedding, you can overcome hair shedding on your own with these super-effective natural supplements, foods and Lasio hair care products.


Natural Supplements

1. Biotin (or vitamin B7)

If you’re looking to regrow your hair, you have to step up your biotin game. While vitamin B7 regulates your blood sugar levels, it triggers faster growth of your body cells and stimulates your hair follicles, thus promoting healthier, thicker, stronger hair. Your body shouldn’t have a problem with sufficient biotin as long as you’re on a balanced diet containing foods high in biotin, such as eggs, meat, fish, sweet potatoes, broccoli and spinach. But if these foods aren’t your thing, then consider adding them to your diet or going all out on biotin supplements.


2. Aloe Vera

Tired of brittle, thinning hair? Aloe vera is on standby to reduce your hair shedding with its proteolytic enzymes that revive dead skin cells which are responsible for clogging your hair follicles. Applying aloe vera to your hair daily, whether in the form of your DIY aloe vera oil or over-the-counter aloe vera gel, leaves your scalp soothed, rejuvenated and free of dandruff all day long. Aloe vera strengthens your hair from root up and clears your scalp of dry flakes that cause incessant itching and inflammation. Since aloe vera contains high water content, it moisturizes your tresses while its rich vitamin C, E and B-12 nutrients nourish your hair on the side.


3. Omega-3

Found in plants such as flaxseed, walnut and perilla, oily fish and other seafoods, omega-3s are important fatty acids that nourish your hair at the roots. A study conducted in 2015 on a group of 120 female participants showed that the participants who took omega-3 supplements for six months experienced less hair shedding and more hair growth. Omega-3s do not only reduce hair shedding, they also improve your overall wellness and help your body cope with stress. Unfortunately, omega-3s are not fatty acids that your body can manufacture on its own. So don’t sleep on it, increase your omega-3 intake today, and watch your hair’s thickness and shine improve dramatically.


4. Vitamin D

Chances are that you have been relying on the sun for your vitamin D. This is a convenient idea, but not a healthy one. As you juggle your household chores with other duties, you simply might not have enough time to be exposed to sunlight long enough for your body to produce sufficient vitamin D on its own. Vitamin D is a vital source of calcium, essential for the formation of strong bones, teeth and hair. Increasing your vitamin D level strengthens your hair and reduces its shedding rate.


5. Zinc

If you Google the symptoms of zinc deficiency, you’ll most likely find hair loss at the top of the list for a reason. Zinc sulfate is an essential mineral for dealing with scalp inflammation and clogged hair follicles. Such inflamed patches on your scalp block the growth of new hair strands and cause existing hairs to fall out.


6. Essential oils

Peppermint oil. Rosemary oil. Coconut oil. Sage oil. Each of these oils are powerful for reducing hair shedding on their own but when mixed and massaged into your scalp, this might be the perfect solution you are looking for. If your hair is dry, dull and shedding, use these oils to soften your hair and increase blood circulation around your hair follicles. You can apply essential oils by thoroughly working them into your scalp with your fingers once or twice a day for amazing effects.


7. Iron

The power to stop hair shedding lies in the heart of iron. Higher iron? Higher hemoglobin in your red blood cells, higher oxygen in your bloodstream, higher stimulation of your hair follicles, reduced hair shedding. Exciting, yes?


Heads up! What are you eating?

Overcoming hair shedding starts from within: with the food you eat. While taking natural supplements and prescribed medications is recommended, it cannot achieve optimum results if you don’t adjust your diet. From vegetables to fruits to whole meals, food is key in reducing hair loss.



1. Green chili

Relax in your apartment, sipping your favorite glass of wine or blushing on a long call with your significant other while a mobile hairstylist works on your hair. Forget about sitting in a slow-as-hell traffic jam for hours just to get your hair done.


2. Carrots

Are carrots found everywhere but in your diet? The next time you buy groceries, include a pack of healthy carrots. Roast your carrots in honey or go all the way with a succulent carrot cake for your afternoon tea time. Better yet, eat carrots fresh to preserve all of its vitamin A and E nutrients that promote hair growth.


3. Onions

Watch the good ol ‘onions. By simply including a lot of onions in your meals, you reduce your hair shedding or chances of it. Don’t love onions much? Make your DIY onion juice with four medium size onions chopped into small pieces. Blend the chopped onions with a grinder and filter the juice with a muslin cloth. Then massage the onion juice thoroughly into your scalp in circular motions. Do this every week for amazing effects.


4. Tomatoes

Tomatoes? Yes, tomatoes. Like most vegetables, tomatoes can be whipped into any meal, from scrambled eggs to ketchup. Does the idea of tomatoes in your food make you queasy? No problem, just apply your DIY tomato pulp to your scalp directly. High in antioxidants, tomatoes nourish your scalp and reduce its stress.


5. French Beans

For the love of zinc, eat French beans. Blanch them, bake them, boil them, or mix them with onions, peas and corn as a delicious salad. French beans enhance your hair’s strength, thickness and shine.


6. Curry Leaves

Although less common than other vegetables for hair growth like spinach and sweet potatoes, curry leaves are fortified with beta-carotene and amino acids that repair dead hair follicles, unclog your scalp and regrow your hair.


7. Spinach

Which vegetable is better for reducing hair shedding than spinach? Spinach! It contains all the vitamins, minerals and proteins you need for boosting hair growth, and more. You simply cannot say no to stuffed spinach chicken breast or creamed spinach and thicker hair, yes?


8. Sweet Potatoes

Thanksgiving shouldn’t be the only time of the year when you treat yourself to mashed sweet potatoes. Your hair needs all the potassium and magnesium citrate that sweet potatoes have to offer, for increased blood pressure around your scalp area. Switch up your menu with sweet potatoes all year round.


9. Lentils

Red, yellow, green and black, lentils come in a variety of natural flavours to tease your taste buds. In addition to their high protein and iron content, lentils are rich in fiber, zinc and biotin. Lentils are cheap and make a perfect base for smoky lentil stew, which you can enjoy with crusty barley bread for your weekend dinner.


10. Pumpkin

Whatever you do with pumpkins, don’t abandon them until fall. Pumpkins are full of biotin, which aids in the production of keratin, the major protein that strengthens and thickens your hair strands. Low keratin levels spell hair shedding, so be sure to include everything pumpkin in your diet.



1. Apples

An apple a day keeps hair shedding away. Like pumpkins, apples boost keratin production in your hair follicles and reduce your cholesterol levels, giving your hair that much needed air to grow.


2. Oranges

Munch on peeled oranges or relax after work with your DIY orange juice. Either way, ensure oranges get into your system, or you might suffer vitamin C deficiency, leading to hair dryness, thinning and loss.


3. Strawberries

If you loved strawberries before, love them more. These soft sweet berries increase the production of red blood cells in your body, all the way to your scalp. Ready for stronger hair? Enjoy strawberries fresh or blended with bananas and grapes in your DIY strawberry smoothie.


4. Bananas

The humble banana does more than just cool your throat. Rich in B vitamins, bananas strengthen your hair and repair its split ends, thus preventing it from falling out. Next time you visit the farmers market, be sure to grab a handful of sweet bananas!


5. Pineapples

Next to oranges, pineapples nourish your body with vitamin C that goes all the way to your hair, leaving it extra silky, shiny and smooth.


6. Discover Fruits

Kiwis, pomegranates, grapes, limes, guavas, apricots, plums, juicy mangoes, you name them. And eat them for better, healthier hair.


Eat Those, Not These!

Now that you know what foods you should be eating to reduce hair shedding, pay close attention to this list of foods that cause hair loss. Because they’re most likely your favorites.


1. Refined Carbs

Processed carbohydrates like white bread, waffles, pastries, white pasta and yes, classic pizza are converted into sugar in your body system. Let’s just say that your hair follicles and sugar are not very good friends. Sugar weakens your hair roots and reduces your protein levels.


2. Cakes

No, thank you. Cakes are sweet, crusty and exactly what you need to make your hair fall out. So the next time you’re tempted to grab just one more slice of cake, think of how sugar neutralizes your protein absorption and pick one more fruit instead.


3. Ice Cream

Yes, we feel your pain too. Again, ice cream is essentially cream, milk and sugar… heavy on the sugar.


4. Alcohol

From reduction in red blood cell production to iron deficiency, alcohol bags the prize when it comes to hair shedding.


5. Swordfish, Tuna and Mackerel

Especially swordfish. These types of fish are highly recommended if you’re looking to increase your mercury levels. But mercury makes your hair thinner and weaker, so do not go near swordfish, tuna or mackerel.


6. Carbonated Drinks

Carbonated drinks have it all. Fizz, check. Artificial sweeteners, check. Sugar, check. Hair shedding… check.


By Lasio, For You

If you haven’t tried Lasio, you aren’t there yet. Our haircare products are your safest option for overcoming hair shedding. Made with pure keratin love, these Lasio products will take your hair to a shiny, healthy paradise. Forever.


1. HYPERSILK Cacao Mask

Formulated with coconut oil, avocado oil and rich cacao extract, this Hypersilk Cacao Mask boosts blood circulation and infuses your hair with strength, moisture and vitality. Combined with its 100% pure keratin loads, the Hypersilk Cacao Mask is your getaway to smoother, fuller tresses all day long. Unlike most haircare products, our Hypersilk Cacao Mask is completely free of salt so you’re safe from damaged, dried out hair or an itchy scalp. Start your hair wellness journey today with our Hypersilk Cacao Mask. No side effects, no worries!


2. Texturizing Keratin Mist (TKM)

TKM is the last step away from thicker, dreamier hair. The presence of pure keratin and amino acids nourishes your hair from the root and gives it a layered natural shine on the outside, keeping your hair manageable and luscious. With TKM, you lock frizz out, lock the gloss in.


3. HYPERSILK Replenishing Shampoo

Did you know that choosing the wrong shampoo, or even switching shampoos between washes can cause hair shedding? Thankfully, with Lasio HYPERSILK Replenishing Shampoo, you no longer have to worry about your hair burning, thinning or breaking after each wash. Composed of 100% human hair keratin, coconut and amino-acid blend, our HYPERSILK Replenishing Shampoo is tailored to suit every hair type and color. Gentle on the scalp, mild on the hair.


4. HYPERSILK Replenishing Conditioner

Heals your hair with each use, from the inside out. Our HYPERSILK Replenishing Conditioner restores strength and shine that your hair might have lost in between relaxers, color services, or heat styling and blowouts. Our HYPERSILK Replenishing Conditioner is full of the highest quality human hair keratin you need, plus unique strong amber oil that leaves your scalp feeling refreshed everywhere, every time.


Overcame Hair Shedding? Now Live Your Hair Dream


1. Take A Break

Relax a little. The stars won’t fall down from the sky if you take a break from your daily stress.


2. Exercise

Do push-ups, squats or lunges. Anything to improve your blood circulation and help you release damaging toxins. You can hire your personal fitness trainer to curate exercises best for you, sign up for a fitness class online or train on your own in peace.


3. Hairstyles

Now is the time to fall out of love with tight buns, ponytails, braids, dreadlocks and hair extensions. While these hairstyles make you look beautiful, they pull on your hair, especially around your hairline, leaving your hair strands weak and likelier to shed. There are plenty of DIY loose hairstyles that you can rock to perfection, from relaxed braids to cute messy knots.

Your hair is more than just your hair. It’s a dream lifestyle that you should see come true, everyday.