Is it necessary to double-shampoo your hair? 

As crazy as it seems, we asked our Senior Educator, Tashena Vega, what her secrets are to a proper shampooing cleanse, and she said, "Forget twice, do it three times!"

Here is some of her best advice.


What does three washes do?  

"Just like when you paint, it's important to start with a primed surface. When you first wash your hair, you are pre-cleansing your hair. The second and third wash removes build-up, excess oils, and minerals that are lingering behind."


How much shampoo should I use? I feel like it's excessive.

"Every time you shampoo, using the triple shampoo method, you should always use a dime, nickel, or quarter size amount, depending on your hair's density. You won't have a lather or soapy essence in the first wash. The second and third time is where the lather takes place."


How should I properly wash my hair?

"First, you want to start wetting your hair using warm water. When you use warm water, it helps open the cuticles. Emulsify a dime or quarter size amount of shampoo in your hands to ensure the product is dispersed evenly all over the hair. Ensure the shampoo is saturated all over the hair; remember, it will not lather on the first application. Then rinse and repeat. Emulsify the same amount as the first time and apply it to the scalp. When washing, you want to ensure you use your fingertips to massage the product into your scalp and not vigorously scrub, which causes knots. You can focus on working the product into the scalp each time you shampoo and work it down the shaft and then to the ends to rinse the build-up.”


What are the benefits of a triple shampoo?

"A triple cleanse allows you to extend your wash days. Limiting your washes can help extend Keratin or Follicle Filler treatments, toners, and the body and volume of your hair."


Should I triple shampoo every time I wash my hair, even if I wash my hair every other day?

"If you wash your hair every other day, you should try to extend your wash days to as long as possible. It would help if you washed it once or twice a week at most. Overwashing makes your hair more brittle. You can wet your hair on the days in between to help remove sweat if you workout or have greasy hair."


Should every hair type triple shampoo?

"Depending on the texture of your hair determines if you should triple shampoo. If your hair is thick or dense, try upping the triple shampoo method to four or five times shampooing. If you have thin or fine hair, focus on washing the roots instead of the ends and stretch your wash to two-three times a week using the triple shampoo method."