The start of a new year calls for a refresh, not just in resolutions but also in the way we care for our precious locks. It's time to embrace a hair care routine that elevates your mane to new heights. Here's your guide to kickstarting the year with luscious, healthy hair habits, featuring some must-have products from Lasio.


  1. Resolution: Hydrate and Nourish

Dry winter air can leave your hair longing for moisture. Make it a habit to hydrate and nourish with Lasio's Replenishing Shampoo and Conditioner. Infused with a pure-grade keratin formula to provide long-term moisture retention, it ensures that the hair remains adequately hydrated between washes, preventing dehydration that can lead to damage.


  1. Resolution: Banish Breakage

Say goodbye to breakage by incorporating Lasio's Revitalizing Masque into your routine. This deep conditioning treatment strengthens and revitalizes, making breakage a thing of the past. Start the year with resilient, damage-free locks.



  1. Resolution: Smooth and Shine

Smooth, shiny hair is always in style. Use Lasio's Smoothing Balm for a sleek finish. This balm tames frizz and provides a protective shield against external elements, ensuring your hair shines bright all year round.



  1. Resolution: Heat Protection

Commit to protecting your hair from heat damage. Lasio's Revitalizing Masque is a leave-in treatment that offers heat protection while nourishing your hair. It's the perfect companion for your styling tools.


  1. Resolution: Color Confidence

If you love experimenting with color, make Lasio's Color-Treated Shampoo and Conditioner your go-to. Preserve your vibrant hues while enjoying the nourishing benefits of color-treated hair.


  1. Resolution: Time for TLC

Give your hair the TLC it deserves with Lasio's Deep Cacao Mask. This intensive treatment rejuvenates and rebuilds bonds, ensuring your hair enters the new year with strength, softness, and a touch of luxury.



  1. Resolution: Repairing from the Inside

Follicle Filler is a service designed to repair molecular bonds within the hair structure. This repair process addresses existing damage, making your hair stronger and more resilient from the start. The 30-day duration of the service ensures long-lasting results. Your hair consistently reaps from the repaired bonds throughout this period, promoting sustained health and resilience.


@lasio A bleach blonde dream ✨ Follicle Filler was used in todays video to protect and restore the integrity of Abby’s broken hair bonds. Not only did we get to preserve her length, but this treatment will alow for Abby to experience premium grade scalp health and healthier hair with each 30 day visit ❤️ Giving her the free range to keep her ideal shade, length, and experience the results of a deep restorative treatment in record timing (30 minutes) for 30 continuous days! Use our salon locator to find a salon offering Follicle Filler near you ❤️ #folliclefiller #damagedblonde #blondehair #bleachblonde #platinumblonde #hairtransformations #hairbeforeandafter #salonday #hairday ♬ original sound - LASIO Pro Haircare


It's a new year to develop new hair habits, and Lasio has your back. Who doesn't love an elevated hair care routine to step into the year with confidence, flaunting healthy, vibrant locks, ready to conquer 2024? Because fabulous hair is not just a goal; it's a lifestyle. Click here to find a salon provider near you that does Follicle Filler.