Typically people don't give away their secrets when it comes to managing a social media page. But here at Lasio, we don't gatekeep with our audience. Grab your pencil, notebook, and credit card because we are spilling the tea on all things social media.



When it comes to managing a social media page, it can become incredibly overwhelming if you're starting from scratch. 


Plan plan plan:

One thing our social media team does to stay ahead is planning. "We plan all of our content out before executing. This way you're not freestyling in front of the camera, wasting time and energy that you're going to cut out of the final edit anyways." You can do this by jotting down a basic, rough script, creating a storyboard, or following the creative footsteps of someone who inspires you (make sure to tag em' in the caption when you post!).


Assume everyone knows nothing about you:

Post to share who you are and what you're about to an audience who knows nothing about you, your craft, or your passions. Assume everyone is at ground zero. Don't post in mind with the people around you who have known you for years or your entire life. This widens who you create content for and who will be receptive to it.


Content batching and scheduling:

Instagram now offers users scheduling features to roll out content in its mobile app, making it so that you can push out your content during prime hours with your audience's activity. So you don't have to pressure yourself to post consistently in real-time. Helping with content batching, freeing up your time so you can bring more of your rested, full self to your content and your followers.


Engagement & activity:

Engage with new features on the app and try to use all the features every social media platform offers. Instagram and Tiktok are rumored to push accounts to the algorithm that consistently does these things. (Think TikTok's voice filter feature or IG's new ability to ♥️ stories).

Apps features and tools change actively, so stay up to date on new fun ways to engage with your followers or other profiles.


You can also engage your audience by liking, commenting, and sending them love on their stories by reacting and hearting.


Trending sounds:

If you are posting a video, look for trending audio to play with your videos. If you scroll through Reels, TikTok, or Shorts, you can find what sounds are trending within a couple of swipes. Don't risk it by tapping the music section and using recommended personal sounds for you. They may be too niche, negatively impacting who will end up seeing your content.


Quality 100% matters:

When creating content to post, it's crucial to remember that quality matters. Quality helps with brand recognition, audience engagement, and credibility. 


We recommend that you have a clean camera lens (wipe your lens off every single time before you film), aim for well-lit shots (record in daylight or with a bright source of light in front of you), and use a tripod to help stabilize any footage you capture. 


Make sure that your technology is up to date (we see huge audio and visual quality differences in the camera between the iPhone X series and the iPhone 13). Bonus points on quality if you're able to record with your rear cam.


For audio quality, we recommend investing in USB plug-in microphones to clear voice recognition (helps with auto-captioning + SEO) and prevent any distracting surrounding audio from getting picked up. Never play music with lyrics in the background while someone is talking (psychologically, the brain will focus on the music), and never combat audibly with the sounds and space around you. It will sound like you're yelling and will be hard to watch.


Ask yourself: Would you hang out online with you?

Would a younger you learn, be inspired, or feel immersed in the content you're currently creating?

Would you watch yourself for minutes or hours or instantly scroll away?


Create content that younger you would take away value from, enjoy during a lunch break, and aim to create an online community in which you would feel safe to be your authentic self.


Learn basic editing:

Don't rely on pre-made transition templates and pre-created filters that wash out naturally rich skin tones.


Beautiful transformations get lost when you upload an image that zips and zooms from the before immediately into the after. It's outdated, comes across as low energy, and lacks creativity. 

It doesn't stand out and won't do well in the grand scheme of representing you or your business.


Show your creative process, do a voiceover, and put some back into your final post. A good edit can take anywhere from 10-30 minutes if you're investing in creating a quality post. 


Otherwise, just stick to a carousel swipe post.


Don't bottleneck yourself into one platform.

Occupy any and every space you can online. Tiktok, Youtube, IG & Facebook. Don't limit yourself! You can use editing apps like Capcut to create one edit that can be repurposed across multiple platforms.



For quality equipment recommendations, see our links below.

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