Collagen does more than benefit the overall growth of nails, skin, and muscles. Collagen is a main ingredient in repairing the broken molecules in hair.

Our body's protein levels store up to 30% collagen, which is why it is the main element our bones, skin, and organs rely on to thrive. This vital protein is necessary for main functions not to fall flat if collagen levels are low. 

Collagen production slows down as you mature and isn't quite the same as when you were younger. Your body will notice a difference on both the inside and outside. One way to help increase collagen production is by taking supplements, limiting sugar intake, and reducing sun exposure. 

Another way to help stimulate collagen production in hair is Lasio's new intense rebuilding and restoring treatment, Follicle Filler. Follicle filler is a two-step, professional process that helps fill, coat, and seal the weak molecules of the hair's cells. Overall, this 30-minute treatment which lasts 30 days, helps strengthen and restore the balance of moisture and protein in the hair.

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