Get ready to up your salon game with a revolutionary hair treatment that's about to redefine the way you work your magic. Introducing Follicle Filler – the secret weapon that's about to blow your mind and boost your revenue like never before. We're diving into why this game-changing product is a must-have in your arsenal, and trust us. You won't find anything else like it anywhere else.

Imagine a deep restoring treatment that transforms your client's healthy hair journey and your bottom line. Follicle Filler isn't just your average hair conditioning treatment – it's a revenue-generating dynamo that’s about to become your most requested add on with your clients.

Unmatched Versatility

Follicle Filler isn't limited to a single hair type or concern. Whether your client is battling frizz, seeking volume, or yearning for intense hydration, Follicle Filler delivers, deposits, seals dead ends and lasts 30 days. This multipurpose marvel is like having a whole lineup of treatments all in one.


@lasio There’s a first for everything, could you tell it was theirs? 👀 Give a warm welcome to Lasio’s new senior lead educator, Sydney!✨ Sydney and Rachel are both experiencing the process of doing filler for hair in real time!🙇‍♀️ Watch till the end to see how easy Sydney makes it look and catch some serious pro hair care tips along the way 📝 #hairfiller #hairfillertreatment #hairconsultation #clientconsultation #hairconsultationspecialist #prohaircare #fillerforhair #healthyhairjourney #journeytohealthyhair #hairtok #haircut #hairinspiration ♬ original sound - LASIO Pro Haircare


A Financial Powerhouse 

Salon professionals, this is for you so pay attention.

A single $150 investment into one Follicle Filler kit has the potential to unlock a whopping $1,100 in revenue. (Just think about how many clients it would normally take you to make that?) With 12 applications per kit, each treatment becomes a lucrative opportunity to hit the flux capacitor on your clients healthy hair journey - no matter where they’re starting from, and boost your earnings simultaneously. (Note to stylists: exercise extreme caution while time traveling).


Happy Clients, Happy You 

Follicle Filler isn't just about the numbers. It's about making your clients fall head over heels in love with their hair. Watch as they experience the transformative effects of hair filler. From revitalized strands to a boost in confidence, it’ll be their new favorite reason to book with you.


An Investment in Success 

Think of Follicle Filler as an investment. Elevate your salon's reputation, satisfy your client’s cravings for stunning hair, and watch as word of mouth spreads like wildfire, bringing in new clients eager to experience Follicle Filler.


@lasio Lasio’s first Florida collab! 🥳 Thank you so much to @Jacqueline Barboz199 for partnering with us ❤️ We’re proud and honored to introduce stylists to the newest, innovative scientific breakthroughs in restoring and maintaining their clients healthy hair. New to the filler game? Consider it the healthy alternative to hair botox 💉 (yep, we went there 💅). To findout more information, become a hair filler provider or to find one near you, check out our official page 🔗 #hairfiller #healthyhairhack #hairtok #healthyhairjourney #prohairstylist #hairrestoration #newinbeauty ♬ original sound - LASIO Pro Haircare


Feeling ready to take your craft to new heights? Follicle Filler isn't just a treatment. It's a game-changer set to revolutionize how you do business. Follicle Filler is a no-brainer addition to your salon's offerings with unparalleled versatility, revenue-boosting potential, and client-pleasing results. Don't miss out on the chance to stand out, satisfy your clients, and watch your revenue soar by shopping the link here.