We know the styling industry can be hard to leverage yourself in to make yourself stand out from your competitors. Here at Lasio, we deliver consistent results to ensure you are the best in the industry.


Our latest innovative professional treatment, Follicle Filler, is like nothing else on the market. Follicle Filler uses two formulas designed to reconstruct the hair to create a foundation for healthy hair, resetting it back to its youthful state of vibrancy. Did we mention it's designed for any hair type? Follicle Filler is the perfect solution for those that suffer luster, chemical damage, weak strands, thinning hair, breakage, and daily exposure to heat or environmental stressors.


Follicle Filler ensures stronger strands due to the five powerful ingredients that work together to not only rebuild the strands but protect them from future damage. After receiving a Follicle Filler, clients will experience their color becoming more vibrant, easier to style, and more manageable.


Pairing the treatment with Hypersilk aftercare is tested and proven to work best for optimum results and longevity for your clients who received a Follicle Filler. The amino acids in the shampoo and conditioner reactivate the amino acids in the Follicle Filler treatment allowing for more vibrancy and movement in the hair. The luxurious formula of the Hypersilk line helps prolong the hair's shine, strength, and manageability.


We will consistently deliver consistent results so you can be the best stylist for your clients. Shop Lasio here.