Do you want to hold the ultimate power of Lasio Keratin Treatments? You are in for a treat. We are breaking down the benefits and what treatment is best for your client.


Kicking it off with our moisturizing queen, Mocha Silk. This formula is perfect for clients who struggle, emphasizing struggle with dry hair. Mocha silk is recommended for those with naturally coarse hair due to its power to smooth resistant hair. Whether they have naturally dry hair or from chemical services like bleaching, color corrections, relaxers, and more, Mocha silk is this hair type's BFF. Mocha Silk works on overdrive due to the Cacao oil infused in the product to retain moisture back into the hair.


Next in line for moisture retention is our One Day Formula. This powerhouse of a keratin treatment eliminates 100% of frizz. One Day is extraordinarily lightweight and works fantastic with clients that want to see a reduction in their curls, bon voyage to frizz, and an ultimate hair repair in moisture. If your client has naturally oily roots, the One Day will come in clutch.


Third, in line for moisture power, is the Color Pro Formula. This formula is ideal for clients that love their volume but want to reduce curls and do away with the frizz. If your client comes into your salon and they have fine, greasy hair, use Color Pro on their hair. Just because the name says "color" doesn't mean this formula should only be used on those with a high lift, bleach, or color correction.


Last in the Lasio lineup is the Keratin Tropic Formula. This formula reduces up to 60% of curls while removing 100% of frizz. If your client is apprehensive about losing their curls, then the Keratin Tropic is the best for them. This formula can maintain the body, define curls, and is heat activated. The primary conditioning agent is coconut oil which allows the hair to absorb moisture while protecting against any dryness or future dullness.


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