2023 creates an exciting opportunity to experiment. Encourage a breath of fresh air for your client by creating texture with layers, curls, and bangs. Here is a list of the hottest trends to keep an eye on.

Short Hair

With 2023 being the year for daring looks, your clients will be asking to chop off inches (and the past) with a soft bob; a new take on the blunt bob. There is no straight-cut look with this new do. Instead, this style allows for movement. Add some curls or embolden natural texture to give your client a look that pops.

 If your customer is unsure of going too short, try out the C-cut that offers more rounded shapes and curves along their frame. The C-cut reintroduces the 90s look and adds volume to the sides of the face. Making styling this cut a breeze, even at home.


With tutorials all over the internet, from how-tos to styling videos, bangs are one of the hottest trends in hair and beauty . Bangs can be a drastic change for some, so encouraging baby steps here is key. Suggest soft bangs as an introduction before committing to the big chop. Soft bangs offer the look of bangs without fully embracing the cut itself. This bang style is also flattering on most face shapes, as it adds framing to the front of the face. If the customer is all in with bangs, give the curtain bang a try. A style that offers flowyness, compliments a variety of hair lengths, and offers versatility in styling.

Animal Cut

Texture, edginess, and face framing details are major themes this 2023, with clients requesting layers that resemble butterflies and wolves. 

For those craving bold, modern, chicness, the wolf style takes on the best of the 70s and 80s with a 2020’s twist. Layers and volume are a key detail with this style, long at the bottom with shorter layers on top for maximum boost. Making it a style that works well with either short, above the shoulders, or left long for added texture. 

The butterfly serves 90’s realness while still being contemporary. The haircut can be identified by it’s fluttery layers and chin-length, face framing pieces. If short hair seems too drastic of a change for your client, the butterfly style is great for creating an illusion of a lob cut. The hair will also appear thicker with the butterfly cut. 

The shaggy mullet returns to the beauty-sphere, but this time as an animal-inspired hairstyle: the octopus cut. This style is choppy, with visible layers, and