A message from our Founder & CEO

"Each bottle of Lasio keratin contains the same passion, drive, and love that I’ve had for this business for the past 21 years."

The Lasio love story started as a tragedy. Back in 2000, I unexpectedly lost my mother. With such a giant piece of my life missing, I had to decide what to do next. I received what I still believe to be a sign from God when I began to hear about a brand new hair treatment. It was an exciting underground movement with no name and absolutely magical results. With nothing but a dream and an undying passion for hair, I was able to raise enough money to go on a quest to Brazil to find out more about the treatment.

I came back home with a new formula and a newfound sense of wonder. With the help of a chemist, I was able to put my own spin on the formula and create what is now the Lasio keratin treatment. It took years of trial and error as well as perseverance, but it has paid off in ways I never thought imaginable. Each bottle of Lasio keratin contains the same passion, drive, and love that I’ve had for this business for the past 21 years. My purpose as CEO is to create high quality products for all hair types and backgrounds. I hope to inspire others to have the confidence they need to thrive and prosper on their journey, just as I have on mine!

Nadine Ramos, Founder & CEO

Lasio Partners with Restore Outreach Initiative

Washing your hair shouldn’t be a privilege. That is why we partnered up with Restore Outreach Inc. in Kissimmee, Florida, to help provide people experiencing homelessness in the community with the essential services to have clean, healthy hair. Our give-back initiative does not stop here. We are continuing our partnership to ensure that everyone that doesn’t have access to cleaning their hair in our community can.

Lasio Gives Back with
The Power of H2O

Clean water is a privilege a lot of us take for granted. We came across many women in India who had to walk over 5 miles a day just to find clean water for their families. Since starting this initiative, we have built 12 wells and supplied clean and safe water to over 1,000 families.

"At Lasio, our passion extends far beyond hair. We proudly support a wide network of WOC owned businesses. “As a Latina woman, I have witnessed countless hardships in growing my business and seeking investors. Today, I stand as the proud sole owner of Lasio. I continue to support and encourage other entrepreneurs. Growing independently is possible!”