Follicle Filler FAQ's

Any chances Follicle Filler can damage the hair? 

No. There are no harsh ingredients or chemicals to cause damage or break hair bonds. Follicle Filler reverses damage.

Is Follicle Filler like a Keratin treatment?

Follicle Filler is completely different than a keratin treatment in it’s chemical makeup, results, and application process.

Will curly hair clients lose their curls?

Follicle Filler is curly hair friendly. It will help to enhance and define curls.

Can I do color and Follicle Filler same day?

Yes, it’s completely safe. When you have someone with fragile, over-bleached hair, remember to place the hooded dryer on a low/ warm setting.

Is it possible to damage hair by doing Follicle Filler too much?

It is safe to do Follicle Filler more than once a month if your client’s lifestyle requires a high-maintenance hair regimen. Regular maintenance is once a month.

How long does Follicle Filler last in the hair?

When paired with the recommended Lasio Hypersilk shampoo and conditioner, Follicle Filler will last up to thirty days.

How long does the Follicle Filler process take to do? 

45 minutes or less, not including blow drying and styling.

How is Follicle Filler different from other “bond builder” treatments?

Follicle Filler is an exclusive professional line only. Customers cannot purchase the products themselves online or in a store. Follicle Filler also lasts longer than wash-to-wash products.

How is Follicle Filler different than “express keratins”?

Follicle Filler is not a keratin treatment at all. It will not reduce or eliminate curls. In addition, Follicle Filler is not sealed with a flat iron and it’s completed in thirty minutes. Follicle Filler defines curls and plumps follicles for more volume and bounce.

Is there a hair type or customer Follicle Filler is not good for?

Follicle Filler is great for all hair types and structures, naturally or chemically.

Can Follicle Filler be used on kids? 

Yes, Follicle Filler can be used on kids.

Can Follicle Filler be used on pregnant clients? 

Yes, Follicle Filler can be used on pregnant clients.