Keratin Treatment FAQ's

How long do you have to wait before you wash out the Lasio Keratin treatment?

All Lasio Keratin Treatments must be washed out within 24 hours, but we recommend washing it out immediately at the salon to ensure best results.

Do Lasio Keratin treatments strip hair color?

No, not as long as you follow the Lasio Way application process.

What are the steps for performing a color service and Lasio Keratin Treatment at the same time?

Apply and wash out (do not condition) the color/bleach first, follow with Lasio Keratin Treatment according to instructions. If toning, apply toner AFTER Keratin is washed out. Finish by washing and conditioning with Hypersilk Replenishing Shampoo and Conditioner. When using direct dyes, vivids, or temporary colors, perform color service after Keratin is washed out to ensure best results.

Does the hair have to be 100% dry before applying the keratin treatment?

Yes, hair must be 100% dry before applying Lasio Keratin Treatments to ensure best results.

How often can clients get Lasio Keratin treatments?

Clients can do a keratin treatment every 2-4 months, depending on the formula chosen. One Day, Mocha Silk, and Color Pro last up to 4 months and Keratin Tropic lasts up to 3 months.

Can clients go swimming after a keratin treatment?

Yes. Once the treatment is washed out you can go swimming. We recommend using our Hypersilk Revitalizing Masque to protect hair from the salt and chlorine water.

What happens if clients leave the keratin treatment in over 24 hours?

Leaving the keratin in the hair for more than 24 hours offers no extra benefits. Lasio Keratin treatments are made with high-quality keratin, which is a protein. A protein left in the hair for too long can become hard and brittle. When leaving the keratin in the hair for multiple days, clients may experience hair that feels dry. In addition, the longer the keratin is in the hair, the greater the chances of the hair being exposed to moisture or being creased or dented.

What makes Lasio different from other keratin treatments?

Each Lasio Keratin is a water-based keratin treatment that penetrates the hair deep into the cortex, creating healthy hair from the inside out. Other treatments are silicone based and coat the cuticle, rather than penetrating into the hair shaft. Because Lasio Keratin is water based, it is applied with a spray bottle rather than the traditional bowl and brush, making for a clean, simple, and quick application. Lasio is a low-formaldehyde (0.02% as compared to 0.2% in traditional keratin treatments) option for those looking for a safer option. We also offer a no-formaldehyde (Keratin Tropic) option as well. All of these factors contribute to our treatments being fume free, luxurious smelling, zero processing time, and offering same day wash.

Are Lasio Keratin Treatments safe for clients/stylists with respiratory conditions like asthma, cystic fibrosis, COPD, etc.?

Yes, under your own discretion! Lasio is a low-formaldehyde (0.02%), water based Keratin, therefore creating no fumes during the application. Lasio also offers a no-formaldehyde formula, Keratin Tropic, for those wanting to take the safest possible route while still getting great results. Face masks are also a safe option for both stylist and client. If there is further concern, consult with your physician prior to application.