Having your hair styled by a mobile stylist is like a honeymoon that lasts forever. Quick question: who is a mobile stylist?

They are a professional hairdresser, barber, or beautician who provides their services at your preferred location, which could be your home, workplace, hotel, or anywhere else. As long as you despise stress, which everybody does, a mobile stylist is perfect for you. Here are 15 astonishing reasons why.


1. Saves Money

Do you want a complete beauty makeover, a keratin treatment, or just to fix those bright and beautiful lashes? No problem. Refill your car gas tank for the trip to the salon, pay cab fare, buy pain relievers for your waist joints, pay the standard service fee, miss work hours and get a smaller paycheck at the end of the month.

Or book an appointment with a mobile stylist and pay only the standard service fee.


2. Saves Time

The average woman spends one hour commuting to and from a brick and mortar hair salon each visit. Add that to the hours you spend waiting in line for other customers. Then top it with the actual hours the stylist spends working on your hair. At best, your calculation will land in five or six hours, which you could very well spend at home relaxing, out with friends, if you hire a mobile salon instead.


3. Comfortable And Convenient

Nobody loves to put up with the noise of clients’ chatter, crying babies and heated arguments, all of which come in one package: a beauty salon. Scratch that. Picture this: your mobile stylist arrives at whichever venue you choose to get your hair done, be it your bedroom or basement, finds it swept clean and works magic on your appearance, without you moving an inch. Poor service? Not available, sorry. Mixed up treatments? We don’t have that. Misplaced styling tools? None at all, ma’am.


4. Personalized Care

Mobile stylists will take you to paradise with their patience, friendly suggestions and top-notch professionalism. We consider every detail about you, from your hair color to its texture and your skin tone to give you the best hair styling experience.


5. Bonding

Sure, going all out on a barbecue party and hosting a huge brunch are good ways to bond with old friends, but doing it while having your hair styled is even better. Some hair treatments, such as keratin treatments, take hours that you don’t want to spend crowded by strangers in a hair salon either. Call your girlfriends to share an appointment with multiple mobile stylists right in front of the television or on your patio and have the best of both worlds.


6. Special Occasions

You don’t want to risk having frizzy hair or smudged makeup on the journey from the salon. On your special day, a team of mobile stylists is all you need to make you glow. You will be the dream bride of every guy as you walk down that aisle and dive right into your happily ever after.


7. Self-love

Wondering how to show yourself love? Start with your hair. Every now and then, book an appointment with a mobile hairstylist.


8. Surprise Idea

In Greek mythology, long healthy hair is a symbol of love and fertility. Surprising your spouse with a free hairstyling round or keratin treatment right in your bedroom shows them how much you love and cherish them. Of course, you can spice up the experience with a couples massage afterwards.


9. Best Form Of Relaxation

Relax in your apartment, sipping your favorite glass of wine or blushing on a long call with your significant other while a mobile hairstylist works on your hair. Forget about sitting in a slow-as-hell traffic jam for hours just to get your hair done.


10. Better Results

When you strike out the commuting stress, heat and noise, you’re left with only one thing: vibrant, shiny hair. Mobile hair stylists come to you feeling refreshed, ready to help you take on your world.


11. Bigger Connections

From hiring a mobile beauty professional for your event photoshoot, you can make it to the front covers of leading magazines. Most mobile stylists love showcasing their best works on social media and tagging those clients. Who knows? Some big shot out there might be keeping an eye on you. When the time is right, they will contact you and you could win some huge deals!


12. Privacy

Even if you’re a social butterfly, there are times you want to be alone. So what happens when you don’t feel like putting on fake smiles just to fit in with the crowd at the hair salon? Our professional on-the-go stylists give you salon-quality results within the comfort of your own space.


13. Playing It Safe

Although most mobile stylists are fully booked all year round, they give premium treatment to each client, sterilizing their styling tools properly before working on your hair. Besides, you can stop worrying about a client sneezing near you or being too close to someone with a rash in a crowded beauty salon.


14. Flexible Schedule

You no longer have to take time out of your lunch hour to rush down to the hair salon or disappoint important clients just to get your hair done. On-the-go hair stylists come to you, no matter where you are. We’re ready when you’re ready.


15. No “No”s

Have you ever walked into a hair salon at the last minute, desperate to get something done to your hair, only to be told, “No, we’re fully booked for today?”

Ouch. Frustrating, right?

That’s why mobile hairstylists are available round the clock to meet your needs. If you’re free only at night, it’s easier to persuade your mobile stylist to do your hair, and perhaps arrange for a sleepover, than to stare helplessly at the “closed” sign on a immobile hair salon.

You’ve read everything and you’re impressed. We wrote everything, and we know how hard it can be to find trusted mobile stylists online, especially when you’re in panic mode. LASIO™ has a team of vetted mobile hairstylists bubbling with warmth and love, ready to travel to wherever you are at the speed of light. Book your service today.