Summer 2021 has come and gone. After spending so long inside, this year’s hot season surely left us with many memories to cherish. Unfortunately, it also left many of us with hair damage. Saltwater can leave you with an extremely dry scalp and dry hair. Pool chlorine is notorious for fading hair color and weakening strands. If you’ve somehow avoided the beach and pool all summer, you still may not be safe. The sun’s UV rays are known culprits of hair damage, brittleness, and color fading. Not to mention the salt in your sweat, which can leave you with the same dryness as a beach trip. Here are three tips for repairing that unsightly summer damage.
Especially after a summer full of ocean water and hot days spent outside, your hair doesn’t need any more exposure to salt. When shopping for hair care products, always make sure everything you’re using is free of sodium chloride. Many shampoo and conditioner labels boast about their natural ingredients all over the front of the package. Be wary if ‘sodium chloride free’ is not mentioned as well. It is often used to make the consistency of hair products thicker, but it does more harm than good on a practical level. Always read the ingredients list if you’re unsure!
Consistency is key. You may not see a night and day difference after using a new conditioner once. If you’re using a trusted brand with the right ingredients, give it time! It’s also important to use products that work well together. It’s worth reading up on the ingredients in each of your products and making sure they interact well with each other. You could be having a reaction to a bad combination without even knowing it! Of course, if it’s preferable for you, the easiest thing to do is to stick to a trusted brand across the board if possible.
Standard conditioner is great for hydration, but realistically, your hair may need more support. There are deep conditioning treatments, or hair masks, that you use just once or twice a week and leave in your hair rather than washing it out. This provides ongoing moisture and also protection from future damage. For you gym-goers out there, this is a great option pre-workout. It will protect your roots from the salt in your sweat. Masks are relatively inexpensive and their results make them a worthy addition to your hair care routine.


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