It’s February, the month of love. During this time we often think about how we can show our love and appreciation to others. Many of us put outsiders’ needs and wants before our own. We end up neglecting ourselves in the process. How can you love others if you aren’t loving yourself? You have made it through the tough days and bad situations. Give yourself some appreciation for making it out stronger. We are giving you 10 ways to show yourself some love!


Learn To Say No

If you find yourself stressed out trying to help everyone around you, this is for you. You don’t have to do things that you do not want to do just to make other people happy. When someone sees this trend in you they will start to use you and their friendship becomes one-sided. It is okay to say ‘no’ to things you aren’t comfortable with, or simply do not want to do. This does make you a bad person or bad friend at all. We all have our limits and boundaries that people should respect. Practice saying ‘no’ and spending a day doing only what you want to do.


Protect Your Energy

This may be easier said than done for some people. Of course, we cannot control every event that occurs in our lives. When unexpected events happen you can choose how they affect you. Guard your energy. When you start to feel down choose to think of positive emotions and reactions. Learning how to control your emotions is a form of self-love.


Enjoy “Me Time”

We know you can be busy, there’s lots to do every day. It’s vital to restore, recharge, and repair yourself each day. Even if you have to carve it out in your schedule! As little as 15 minutes a day completely to yourself, with no other obligations, is enough. Kick back and read a magazine. Take a relaxing bath or a long hot shower. Whatever you do the main thing to remember is to be vigilant about your me-time. Don’t let anything or anyone disturb you. You’ll be amazed at what a little alone time can do for you.



One of the best ways to love yourself is to make sure that you are spending your days doing what you love. When you are spending your time doing a bunch of things that do not make you happy it wears on you. You owe it to yourself to do what you love and to do what makes you happy. Take the time to get to know yourself! Find out new things you enjoy or start doing fun activities you miss.


Reward Yourself

You are out here in the world killing it! There is nothing wrong with acknowledging that and patting yourself on the back. We all can get caught up in life and start going through the motions. Try indulging in a reward. Finished a huge project? Soak up in the Jacuzzi for hours or reward yourself with a new book, a night out, or a nice meal at a fancy restaurant. The possibilities are endless and they can motivate you to complete tasks.