Let's be honest. There are many tools to create all different types of curls, waves, volume, and more. You don't have to waste money buying every styling tool known to man; your hair straightener can be a multipurpose instrument.

Simple, easy, and beach-wavy is what the following style is all about. After adding a braid to your hair, run the flat iron over the braid several times. Release the braid and look at the soft, natural beach waves the flat iron created in seconds. 

Another fast method of creating waves is to twist your hair into small sections throughout the hair and run a flat iron over the pieces. Once you release the sections, the hair will have wavy round curls.

Create a beach wave by starting near the root of the head, clamp the flat iron and twist one way, move down slightly, and turn the opposite direction, repeating the movement quickly so the hair doesn't dent.

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For the classic curl, wrap a small section of hair around the straightener once, leaving the flat iron horizontal. Bring your straightener down the section of hair, giving the hair a classic curl.

@rachelvalentinehair This is how to curl and wave with your straighteners! Once you get a grips with this, you can then play around with directing the curl in different ways and section sizes! #howtocurlwithstraighteners #beachwavestutorial #easyhairtutorial ♬ original sound - Rachel Valentine