Has anyone ever told you to "relax?" It's not always that easy. But what is easy is to start taking cooler showers. There are some benefits your body is missing out on compared to the hot showers you usually take.

Although a hot shower is the most comfortable, it isn't the most practical way to get the best results from your hair washing, instead of using hot water that strips the moisture from the hair and leaves the cuticle open in a fragile state. Using hot water also causes additional dryness and brittleness to the hair. The proper way to successfully wash is by shampooing with warm water to cleanse but not causing more damage. Use the correct conditioner for your hair type, and finish using cool water. Also, not to mention the overall glow to your skin and hair. Who wouldn't want that?

The outside of your body can benefit from the cool water, and so can your insides. From improved circulation to a better metabolism, your stamina will change overall. As little as two to three times a week, cold showers can help increase your metabolism.

When you take cold showers frequently, your circulatory system becomes more efficient. People with poor circulation, diabetes, or high blood pressure can benefit the most from cold showers.

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Lastly, who doesn't want a free mood booster? Cold water can enhance your mood, from a better night's rest to increased mental clarity. In as little as five minutes, cold water can decrease symptoms of depression.