Not all of us have the best hair habits. Many of us would instead choose convenience over what is best for us. And if the shoe fits, you, my friend, need to change your routine.

Just like our heart after a breakup, our hair is in its most fragile state when it's wet. So this means never sleep with wet hair, don't brush hair roughly as it causes more breakage, and its best to use a wide tooth comb or a specific brush for detangling hair. Also, wrap your hair in a microfiber towel to remove excess water instead of using a cotton towel and roughly drying hair. You will decrease the risk of frizz and your cuticles will thank you later.

Something often overlooked is cleaning your hair brush. By not washing your brush, all of the oil, dirt, and product gunk can go from the brush back to your hair. Breaking this bad habit will help with the overall health of your scalp. Start by cleaning your brush by removing as much hair as possible, washing it in a sink or a large bowl with warm water, and soaking it by swishing it in the bowl. Then scrub it with baking soda, rinse, and dry.  


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When shampooing your hair, do you wash your hair by massaging the shampoo into the length of your hair? If so, stop it! Shampooing is a process to remove the excess oils from your scalp. If you overuse it, you can damage the hair by stripping the oils your hair needs. Instead, focus on shampooing your scalp and letting the suds run off into the length. Your ends will still be clean without entirely stripping the hair of its important oils.


By changing your bad habits in a few days, your hair will see a difference.