Protecting your locks is crucial to ensuring good hair health. The way to make sure we keep standards high is to eliminate the use of heat as much as possible. Luckily there are many tips and tricks to help with styling your hair without the help of heat. 

There are many ways to achieve this desired style if you are looking for a curly/wavy look. Heatless curls are effortless now, thanks to the current trends.

Bizarre as they may seem, the methods of the heatless madness obtains the same hair-styling goals that heat can. Using everyday items such as socks, t-shirts, a bathrobe belt, or leggings can help create curls overnight by taking the everyday thing and wrapping your hair in small sections around the object as tight as possible. (Pro tip: Tying off the ends with a scrunchie helps eliminate the hair from creasing).

In the morning, unravel the hair piece by piece revealing your heatless curls. Make sure you lock in your waves and curls with the Hypersilk Volumizing Hair Spray to offer a flexible hold while creating a barrier against humidity and significantly reducing frizz, achieving a long-lasting style with ease!

Braiding your hair at night and waking up the following day creates a soft wave with no heat. For example, the rope twist braid enhances a simple ponytail into a classy updo. To achieve this look, take two to four sections of hair, twist each portion tight separately, and tie the end with a hair tie. Once the hair tie is on the hair, the braid will take its shape. Besides the typical braids like the French, fishtail, or Dutch, the newly fashionable style is a bubble braid. This braid creates a bubble style by creating sections throughout the hair that are portioned into puffy sections—first, start by pulling the hair back in a high or low pony or pigtail. Then using rubber band ties, section the hair by tying a rubber band an inch length apart from the other. Finally, pull the hair out to create the bubbled effect. 

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Claw clips create a sleek look for all types of hair for a more chic look. Whether your hair is short, mid, long, thin, thick, curly, or straight, claw clips can help style your hair with little effort. For example, using a claw clip, you can do a messy bun, half-up/half-down, and sophisticated updos. For those with thinner hair, twist the hair up and clip the base of the hair and twist, letting the hair flow over the top of the clip.