The lengths to get your hair stunning do not have to be exhausting. Show your hair the love it deserves by taking care of it from each step. From the washing process to the styling. Here are a few tips to prepare your hair for the ultimate love it deserves. 

To love your hair, rule number one is to never over-shampoo your hair. Over-shampooing can remove the oils your scalp produces, making the hair more prone to breakage. Not to mention, it is harder to achieve shine and moisture when we overwash our hair. No one wants fragile hair, so it is essential only to wash our hair one to two times a week or go a minimum of every other day. Especially if your hair has been exposed to chemicals that can already make the hair dry, such as bleach, perms, or relaxers, then shampooing less will help avoid brittle hair or split ends. There are benefits to limiting the number of washes our hair can have, like restoring its shine, less grease in the long run, less heat from blow drying, and dyed hair will last longer.

After shampooing, conditioner on the hair helps restore hydration to the strands. The key to the conditioner is to apply it three-four inches away from the scalp. The ends of our hair tend to be the driest since they are furthest from the natural oils on our heads. Applying conditioner to the roots can make the hair appear greasy, even after washing. The same conditioner will not work for everyone. If you have thin hair, a volumizing conditioner will help create a full look for your locks. If you have thick or greasy hair, conditioners with less oil will help change the nature of your hair.

Achieving salon-style hair while at home will help vamp your look. There are specific ways to create curls from the salon in your bathroom. The key to using a curling iron relies on the form. Holding the curling iron horizontally can make the curls tighter and bouncier. Curling it vertically can give the hair a beachy wave.


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Creating volume at home can be seamless, and we all know dry shampoo has saved our lives more than once. After applying dry shampoo to your hair, turn your hair dryer on to help remove the product. This step helps remove the product by removing any excess dirt and oils. Using your hair dryer on your roots can help create volume and remove any unwanted grease. When blow-drying hair, a way to help create volume is to dry the roots before the ends. By using their fingers, they can lift the roots as they apply heat. Lifting upwards creates volume instead of starting at the bottom, which pulls the hair downward, causing the hair to go flat.

Adding a few improvements to your hair routine can improve the quality of your hair. But falling in love with your hair is steps away.