No one loves to have flat, thin hair. But there are hacks to styling lifeless hair that can make the work worth it in the end.

To create volume, use a volumizing shampoo or conditioner, and incorporate dry shampoo or texture spray to create a lift. Start at the ends of your hair with products, then work towards the top to ensure you aren't overdoing product distribution. Too much product in the root can weigh your hair down, which is the opposite goal we want to achieve.

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Refrain from brushing your hair when it comes to blow-drying. Use your hands most of the time before you go in with a brush. Make sure the hair dryer is on high with the heat blowing at a medium speed to help ensure the hair doesn't go flat. When blow-drying your hair, dry your roots first to help create a lifted effect.

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Adding texture to your hair-like layers can help create volume and movement in the hair without trying to style it every day. Hairstyles like the classic blunt bob, curtain bangs, pixie, texture on top, or a mid-length can help create a shape. Even changing your hair part to a deep side part can help make the hair appear thicker.

Classic Blunt Bob

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Curtain Bangs

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Mid Length

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Add some fluff to your updos by doubling up your ponytail. By adding two hair ties to your ponytail, you can create an illusion of fullness by parting your hair in two even sections. Start by pulling your hair back. Section the top half with the second hair tie. The top section adds extra length and volume to your updo.

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Another way to create umph in your updo is to tug the braids apart slightly for a fluffy look. This helps make the hair look fuller and not dull. 


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