If you have been keeping up with us on social media, you know we launched a new innovative product for the hair market. Follicle Filler is an ingenious professional hair reparative treatment that rebuilds damaged cuticles down to their cortex, takes as little as 30 minutes, and lasts for 30 days. 


So what is a Follicle Filler? Well, in the least technical terms possible, Follicle Filler is a way to fill, coat, and seal your sad little hair cuticles that need an ultimate rebuild and repair. With the combination of five powerful ingredients, collagen, biotin, hyaluronic acid, lactic acid, and beta-glucan, your hair will feel healthy and voluminous. 


When you look at your hair, is it chemically damaged, brittle, thinning, or lacking luster?Follicle Filler resets the hair and returns it to a youthful state of vibrancy, bounce, and strength. In two steps, Follicle Filler reverses damaged hair cells, restores the balance of moisture and protein, and protects hair from future damage.


@lasio Transformation achieved without having to cut off a single inch 💅 using Lasio’s newest product: Follicle Filler ✨ #hairtransformation #hairbeforeandafter #healthyhair #hairtok ♬ suara asli - Aria - ✧A✧


How can you get your hands on an amazing product like this? Talk to your hairstylist or check out our salon locator to find the closest salon near you that has Follicle Filler here.