Who doesn't love extra avocado for their guacamole, salads, or toast? But did you know that avocado’s are beneficial internally and externally? Regarding hair health, the fatty acids in avocado oil are packed with compounds that are nourishing and restorative. If you incorporate avocado oil topically into your hair, these are some benefits that you’ll receive.


Moisturization is the name of the game when it comes to avocado oil. Healthy hair starts at the top of the hair, which happens to be the scalp. When the scalp is appropriately hydrated, issues like dandruff don't stand a chance. Reducing itching, inflammation, and other unbalanced symptoms that can disrupt hair growth or even cause hair loss.


Avocado oil can also aid in sealing the cuticles in hair follicle cells that can prevent hair from future breakage. With newly hydrated hair from avocado oil, everyday struggles like tangles, snagging, split ends, or breakage can be a thing of the past. 


One of the best ways to utilize avocado oil is to use it as a natural detangler. Unlike other detanglers, avocado oil doesn't cause build-up since it is light compared to other oils. Even the smallest amount of oil will make the difference when brushing out stubborn knots.


Don’t want to apply raw avocado directly to your hair straight from the grocery store? Look below at our favorite hair masks containing high concentrations of avocado oil that will provide the best of its benefits without any of the messy kitchen activity. 


Our Deep Cacao Mask is formulated with avocado oil to provide optimal hydration and intense conditioning, leaving your hair shiny. Shop our Deep Cacao Mask here.