If you know anything about TikTok, you know rapidly trends come and go. 

The most recent conversation in the beauty space going viral is the Hair Theory, racking over 135.5 million views and thousands of comments under the videos.


What is TikTok's Hair Theory? Similar to color theory, where specific colors we wear pair well with our skin tone, hair theory is how you wear your hair and can change how you look and how people perceive you.




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If you experiment with your hair by dying it a different color or chopping it into bangs, you're more likely to have a daring personality.


 Wearing your hair in a high bun can suggest you are easygoing or laid back. 


Sometimes, you might wear your hair curly but are treated with more refinement when your hair is straight.


Not only does the way you style your hair significantly impact how people treat you. But the phrases like "blondes are dumb," "grey-haired people are wise," "brunettes mean business," and "bald guys are tough." Well, these are all the common perceptions the population has made about people based on how they wear their hair.


Remember that hair doesn't define who you are.


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